Re-Focusing on Off-line Writing Projects

In case you were wondering (or not!), I took a break from blogging to focus on –

1) My campaign for town council, which ended on March 3. I was narrowly edged out by a competitor, but this does not phase me. I am in public service to serve. Whether my service is accomplished through campaigning or continuing in my capacity as Planning Commissioner, I am proud and honored to serve my community. I will likely run for town council again when the time is right. Big thank you’s to everyone who has supported me! I had so much fun meeting everyone and learning more about the town, and I remain at your service.

2) My writing. I have two upcoming insurance law publications – one is a chapter in a book and the other is a journal article, and I’m drafting a third. I’m also working on my long-suffering book project, which I delve deeper and deeper into… It’ll be a long road back out, to publication. I’m determined to focus.

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