And the Award for Most Annoying Insurance Commercials Goes To ….

You’ve probably noticed that it feels like every other commercial on television is for insurance. This is no accident. Insurance is a product that no one really loves, and it is difficult to sell on the merits because it is so ridiculously complicated. So, advertisers focus on using cute animals, slogans, and jokes to get your attention, with the hopes that you will remember the name of their insurance company when you are forced to buy insurance.

I admit to being partial to the GEICO commercials because I think they are clever and funny – that is, the ones without the gecko. Progressive’s “Flo” commercials are too cheesy for me. But what I really can’t stand is the new Liberty Mutual commercials. They are never funny, and always just stilted and weird. But the most annoying part? The new theme song in which they repeat “Liberty Liberty Liberty… Liberty.” OMG I want to chop my ears off every time it plays. I’ve become very adept with the mute button on my remote.

Congrats Liberty Mutual. You got America’s attention for being so annoying that I now associate your company name with pure annoyance and disdain.

One comment

  1. 100%. The stupid lizard and emu commercials are the absolute dumbest ever. I would NEVER consider either for the cheesy commercials!


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