Wendell Potter: Making a Real Difference In America

I’ve blogged about Wendell Potter before (links below), but his dedication to improving the lives of Americans through reform to the insurance industry continues to impress me, and his activities bring me a renewed sense of hope. Wendell MEANS BUSINESS, and he knows how to get things DONE.

What He’s Doing Today

In this fantastic article by Philadelphia Magazine, Wendell gets very real. I could feel his pain when he describes the heartbreak he suffered when he realized he was part of a twisted health care system working to deny care to millions of Americans – all just to make an extra dollar. I felt his anguish when he described how the pharmaceutical industry was complicit in his young daughter’s recent and untimely death.

As soon as Wendell realized he was part of the problem, he quit his cushy executive position at CIGNA health and vowed to spend the rest of his life atoning for the harm he caused all those years. And he meant it. The actions Wendell has taken to improve our lives since then are part admirable, part genius, and purely humbling. Thank you, Wendell.

Read Wendell’s story and learn what he is doing now –

Why Wendell Potter Is Launching Tarbell, a Journalism Start-Up

Wendell Potter (credit Wikipedia)


My previous blogs about Wendell:

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