American Dad Insurance Rap

Apologies to readers if the link does not work. Run a search on YouTube, or read the lyrics and listen to the audio in the link below.

Hey Yo, Insurance is Not a Game!

American Dad is a funny, wildly popular, politically INcorrect cartoon in the United States that has been running for at least 10 seasons. I bet the writers have managed to make a statement on pretty much everything over the years, and they aren’t afraid to insult and offend. I like the open dialogue – it’s a great example of American free speech in action.


I saw the episode “Rubberneckers” in which Stan Smith (the American Dad) is checking out an attractive female jogger while driving, and of course, causes an accident. The auto insurance adjuster (voiced by Terry Crews) comes out to question Stan. Stan tells him he swerved to avoid hitting a dog. The adjuster doesn’t buy it.


The adjuster, a character named Heinrich Brown (voiced by Terry Crews), launches into a rap song, complete with threats like “Hey yo, if you commit fraud you goin be paying to God” and insurance company slogans gone wrong “I ain’t a good neighbor, I banged your wife”state farm like a good neighbor and “You ain’t in good hands, cuz I’ll take your life.”

Insurance Adjuster Brown rolls with his own posse, including “bad ass” insurance company employees in ties, collared shirts, and pressed pants; violent-looking attack dogs; and a female insurance employee in a skull mask who peels out on her motorcycle. LMAO !!

allstate you're in good handsInteresting tidbit – When I was researching I discovered that none other than Barry Manilow wrote State Farm’s “Like a Good Neighbor” slogan!

Enjoy the full lyrics:

Hey Yo, insurance is not a game.

You know what I’m saying? I’m a dog, here we go.

Radio edit…Yo, let’s do this…

Hey yo, if you commit fraud you’re gonna be paying to God

If you fake your wreck we’re going to break your neck

Cover your tracks well, I’ll use my sense of smell

And all of a sudden your permanent hotel is going to be jail

I’m a fraud sniffing dog, make you squeal like a hog

If I see fraudulence, I’ll pull a “Deliverance”

And when I find out you lose that safe driver discount

Yo, earthquakes are not covered under home insurance plans, bitch

Yo, we do not cover acts of God, I am an act of God

Yo, you just remember, you want fire coverage, it’s a separate policy

Your zip code affects your premium

Yo, I ain’t a good neighbor, I banged your wife

And you ain’t in good hands because I’ll take your life


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