Lindsay Lohan a Huge Insurance Risk

I’d like to apologize to my readers for being on hiatus from the blog for over a month now – I’ve been quite busy with some family events and the moving of my office. But, the good news is that Here I Am, better than ever and picking up where I left off – bringing you current events and interesting perspectives from the insurance world.

Lindsay Lohan (Wikipedia)

I can’t resist this first story, because I am fascinated by the antics of Lindsay Lohan (and how the public reacts to her). If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a sucker for celebrity gossip. I love the ever-amusing articles by the ladies over at Celebitchy.

High Risk Actress

Sources say that Lindsay is such a high insurance risk that insurers refuse to cover her for potential movie projects. She is so notorious for drinking, drugs, and bad behavior on set that insurers are pretty certain she will cause delays in projects (and therefore, monetary losses). In fact, it is rumored that sometimes Lindsay fails to show up for work at all!

Lindsay Making a Hollywood Comeback – Inconceivable?

According to RadarOnline, Lindsay’s next movie, titled Inconceivable (which makes me think of The Princess Bride every time I read it… am I right?) does not have a scheduled starting date for filming because Lindsay is not yet insured – leaving me wondering if it will ever get off the ground. Lindsay will continue to be a high insurance risk, and the producers will be faced with the choice between a large additional budget for the actress’ insurance (if they manage to procure insurance at all) or filming the project anyway, and absorbing the risk themselves. As in all situations, this choice boils down to a cost-benefit analysis. Are the rewards so high that they are willing to risk a lot of money and reputation for that chance at success? Or is Lindsay so notoriously unreliable that even her famous name and star-powered following are not enough to soothe the worries of investors? Time will tell. I, for one, am guilty of believing she is an excellent actress and capable of contributing to a wildly successful project. But some would call me an eternal optimist.


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