Breaking News: Wikileaks Releases Massive “Insurance File”

English: The logo used by Wikileaks
English: The logo used by Wikileaks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The insurance community is abuzz today, after Wikileaks released a massive 400 GB “insurance file”. Unfortunately, no one can read the file, because it is encrypted.

Where did the File Come From?

News sources hypothesize that the file was supplied by either ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden (currently in hiding in Russia) or U.S. Army soldier Bradley Manning (about to be sentenced for the crime of leaking classified documents to Wikileaks). But the truth is that no one knows for sure.

What does the File Contain?

Again, no one knows. However, the chances there is actually information about the insurance industry in the file is slim to none. Wikileaks probably means “insurance” in the sense that they are threatening to release the file in the event they are attacked in some way. Too bad. I’d love a little more transparency in the insurance industry.

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