Insurance to Die For?

Happy Insured Family -OR- Husband and Wife Plotting Murder??  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve all seen movies or crime shows where a disgruntled wife or husband has their spouse killed to get their hands on the life insurance money. I don’t need to tell you 1) this is a crime and 2) life insurance policies have a clause that voids the policy when this happens.

But that doesn’t stop people from trying!

Cathlene Wiggins:  Fake From the Start

Cathlene Wiggins of Virginia loved drama, and she loved money.

By the time Cathlene met Navy man Cory Voss, she had changed her name to Catherina, to sound more exotic. She told Cory she was Ukrainian. She had never even visited the Ukraine. Cory fell for her cheap lies, and before long, he was in love.

For the Love of Money

Catherina quickly became pregnant. She and Cory were married, and they had two children. Cory was a military man, so he was away from home for long periods of time. While he was away, Catherina became bored. She wanted to party and spend money. So, she drugged her children to make them sleep and left them home alone. She partied all night at local clubs. She took out new credit cards and spent lots of money. She had affairs with both men and women.

Cathlene Wiggins, Murderess
Cathlene Wiggins, Murderess

Then Catherina met Michael Draven. Michael told Catherina he was a movie producer and owned his own production company.

In fact, Michael was unemployed and lived in his parent’s basement.

Catherina and Michael started a torrid affair and spent all they money they could get their hands on. When they ran out of cash, they hatched a new plan to get some more. They would murder Cory for his life insurance proceeds. Cory’s life was worth $400,000.

Cory had to Die

Shortly after Cory returned from an assignment, Catherina and Michael set their deadly plan into action. Late one evening, Catherina asked Cory to go to the local bank and withdraw $60. She said she needed the cash to pay for the kid’s lunches the next day. Cory agreed, and drove to the bank.

At the bank, Cory drove up to the ATM and inserted the card. He tried to withdraw the $60. Access denied – insufficient funds. Cory didn’t understand. He tried again, this time for $40. Again, insufficient funds. This was strange – Catherina said there was money in the account. He tried one last time, for $20. Insufficient funds. This would be the last transaction of Cory’s life. A man threw open the passenger side door and pointed a gun at him…

Cory Voss, the Victim
Cory Voss, the Victim

Murder for Hire

Cory’s body was found the next day in a nearby parking lot. Nothing of value was stolen from the truck. Cory had been shot FIVE times. The police were immediately suspicious. Multiple shots typically indicate that the crime was personal. The killer knew the victim.

Police interviewed Catherina. She played the grieving widow very well, but something didn’t seem right.

Meanwhile, Catherina and her lover were contacting the insurance company. They wanted to get their hands on that insurance money.

As soon as the insurance check arrived, Catherina and Michael jumped on a plane for a lavish tropical vacation. Police were watching them.

By the time police had enough evidence to arrest the wicked lovers, they had already burned through nearly $100,000.

Jail for Life

For the murder of Catherina’s husband Cory – Catherina, Michael, and the hit man were all sentenced to very long prison sentencesMoral of the story?  Insurance fraud doesn’t pay.

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